Transport Research Institute


Traffic engineering and transport planning

  • performance and evaluation of traffic counts, O-D traffic surveys, questionnaire and mobility traffic surveys,
  • development of feasibility studies for transport infrastructure projects,
  • development of Sustainable Mobility Plans,
  • modelling of traffic using micro and macro models and simulations,
  • modelling of transport relations and transport infrastructure loading,
  • capacity assessment of infrastructure and junctions,
  • multi-criteria analysis of decision-making problems within variant transport planning,
  • determination of the mileage of vehicles in road transport,
  • concept of parking in integrated transport systems, static traffic,
  • assessment of the impact of proposed transport connections on the traffic flow and road safety,
  • transport statistics.

Diagnostic surveys and technical - economic assessments

  • diagnostics of the technical condition of roads and their passportization,
  • development of technical-economic and engineering expert studies in the field of road management,
  • development of Cost-Benefit Analyses of transport infrastructure projects,
  • processing of economic and financial models for transport projects,
  • analysis of the competitive environment in the transport market and costs,
  • development of a financing sustainability strategy for necessary repairs and maintenance of roads,
  • assessment of the financial rate of return of investment projects in terms of different funding models. 

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Smart City

  • development of analyses in the field of intelligent transport systems implementation,
  • designing the application of intelligent transport systems,
  • development of information, statistical and management systems,
  • implementation of transport telematics,
  • implementation of information and communication technologies to increase the efficiency of cities,
  • national toll systems and city toll systems, 
  • data analyses.

Transport safety and reduction of accidents

  • research in the field of transport infrastructure safety,
  • collection and analysis of traffic accident data,
  • modelling the level of road infrastructure safety,
  • modelling social costs of traffic accidents,
  • monitoring and evaluation of black spots on the transport infrastructure,
  • development of road safety models,
  • development of tunnel fire protection systems in SR and EU,
  • analyses and solutions to frequent occurrence of snow drifts and banks through snow fences.

Reduction of the impact of road transport externalities

  • strategic environmental assessment of transport projects,
  • environmental monitoring and analysis in transport,
  • development of documents and analyses in the field of energy efficiency and energy savings in the transport sectors,
  • monitoring of collisions of animals with the road network,
  • assessment of the impact of construction of bypasses of towns and villages on the social and urban complex,
  • risk assessment of road infrastructure projects in terms of climate change impacts,
  • assessment of environmental impacts of transport,
  • measurement and analysis of emissions, noise and vibrations from traffic.

Support for activities of national authorities

  • development of conceptual and strategic documents,
  • implementation pf transport and regulation policy,
  • system setting of the transport sector,
  • elaboration of technical regulations and methodologies,
  • consulting on the preparation of projects co-financed from EU funds.



Division of Research and Development

Ing. Roman ONDREJKA, PhD.
Deputy Director General,
Head of Division of Research and Development

CONTACT: 00421/41/5686 210