Transport Research Institute



Development and sustainability of public passenger transport

  • solutions for the public transport service in the territory due to its socio-demographic characteristics,
  • financing of public passenger transport (railway, suburban bus, urban public transport) with a particular focus on public service obligations,
  • improvement of the quality of public passenger transport in order to positively influence the modal split, 
  • performance of questionnaire surveys for the purpose of obtaining data on public passenger transport / utilization of other subsequent transport modes and data processing,
  • possibilities of the introduction of alternative forms of public passenger transport applied abroad,
  • analyses of the integration of public passenger transport with other modes of transport,
  • planning and design of urban integrated transport systems,
  • analyses and design of the preference of public transport vehicles,
  • financial and economic models of suburban interval railway traffic,
  • transport planning in the context of public passenger transport and sustainable mobility plans for cities and regions,
  • consulting on obtaining foreign funding (Operational programmes, European projects) for the implementation of investment projects,
  • proposals for legislative, financial and organizational changes focusing on comprehensive urban mobility,
  • implementation of the use of alternative fuels (CNG, LPG) in public transport vehicles.






Development and support of cycling

  • non-motorised transport as part of urban mobility and transport planning of agglomerations, 
  • analyses of the impact of the preference of green transport modes on the decline of individual car transport,
  • quantification of the rate of reduction of externalities from transport in the context of promoting alternative modes of transport in settlements,
  • elaboration of strategic documents and feasibility studies on the implementation of cycling in cities,
  • studies on standards for integrated planning and promotion of cycling with the aim to positively influence the distribution of the modal split,
  • analyses and assessments of the current situation in the area of promotion and creation of conditions for cycling in the transport systems of cities and regions,
  • analysis and possibilities of elimination of the deficiencies in the integration of cycling as a proper transport mode,
  • development of cycling development strategies and regional / local cycling strategies and action plans,
  • application of experience and dissemination of knowledge for responsible planners of mobility and self-government representatives.




Division of Research and Development

Ing. Roman ONDREJKA, PhD.
Deputy Director General,
Head of Division of Research and Development

CONTACT: 00421/41/5686 210