Transport Research Institute


Test Laboratory for Coating Substances and Road Traffic Signs is Accredited
by SNAS in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17 025, Certificate of accreditation No. S-073

Tests and evaluations of :

  • coating substances and coating systems for metals,
  • coating resistance to cleaning agents and graffiti removers,
  • road markings,
  • road signs,
  • traffic control devices according to Decree No 9/2009 Coll.
  • licence plates,
  • safety signs and aids used in transport,
  • UNECE No. 27, UNECE No. 69, UNECE No. 70.


  • coating substance tests in fluid state,
  • dry coating film tests,
  • material and product resistance tests: frost tests (up to -50°C), dry heat test (up to + 250°C), moist heat, cyclic tests.
  • material and product accelerated corrosion tests in:
    • condensation chamber,
    • salt chamber,
    • sulphur dioxide chamber,
  • tests of foils and retroreflexive materials,
  • tests of metarials and products in natural and artificial atmospheric conditions,
  • test laboratory is accredited to perform technical services by course of Act No 725/2004 Coll. and it is authorised to issue protocols for granting the homologation in accordance with the UNECE regulation No. 104.


  • advisory and consulting services in the field of coating substances and road signs,
  • formulation of standards, regulations and directives,
  • development of methodology for inspection of coating systems, traffic signs and traffic devices,
  • proposal of application of coating systems and procedures of application of coatings on metal structures,
  • external audits.

Technical equipment of laboratories

The test laboratory of coating substances and road signs is accredited in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025. Technical equipment of the laboratory of coating substances and road signs is designed for the testing of road signs, road markings, coating substances, reflective marking of vehicles, lincence plates, etc. General equipment:

    • condensation tests,
    • saline mist test NSS, ASS, test,
    • cyclic condensation tests,
    • regulation of temperature,
    • regulation of exposure intensity,
    • regulation of the black panel temperature,
    • possibility of samples spraying,
    • regulation of relative air humidity,
  • Mobile device for measurement of roughness of road markings pursuant to EN 1436 (pendulum impact testing machine with rubber foot),
  • Retroreflectometer ZRM 6013 for determination of brightness coefficient at diffuse lighting Qd of road markings by daylight,
  • Retroreflectometer ZRS 6060 for measurement of retroreflexion of road signs. Geometry of measurement – observing angle α = 20´ and angles of illumination β1 = 5 and 30°, β2= 0°,
  • Spectrometer MiniScan for measurement of chromatic properties of road markings and signs by means of standard day light D65 and standard observing conditions CIE 45/0 and for measurement of colour shade of coatings delta E
  • gloss-meter ProGloss for measurement of coating gloss,
  • digital thickness gauge for measurement of thickness of coatings on ferromagnetic and non-magnetic undercoat,
  • mobile laboratory pH-meter with conductometer for measurement of pH and conductivity, with range of pH 0,0 – 14,0, accuracy ±0,05, range of conductometer from 0 to 100 μS, accuracy 1%,
  • device for measurement of coating hardness - pencil hardness test.

Goniophotometric laboratory is accredited for:

  • traffic signs and retroreflective and non-retroreflective sheeting according EN 12899 Part 1, 2 and 3,
  • reflecting and retroreflective sheeting according to ECE R 3, R 27, R 69, R 70, R 104,
  • variable message signs EN 12966-1,
  • traffic control equipment according to EN 12368, EN 12352,
  • traffic cones according to EN 13422,
  • retroreflective registration plates for motor vehicles and trailers according to ISO 7591,
  • retroreflecting road studs according to EN 1463-1,
  • portable deformable warning devices and delineators, portable road traffic signs, cones and cylinders according to EN 13422.

In goniophotometric laboratory is possible to measure:

  • retroreflection and night colour of retroreflective materials,
  • lighting and beaconing of aerodromes,
  • road and tunnel lighting,
  • chromaticity of variable message signs and traffic control equipment.

Goniophotometric laboratory is equipped:

  • goniophotometer,
  • device for measuring retroreflection RETRO 2000,
  • colorimeter C 1210, retro-colour,
  • luminance meter,
  • photometer with head SP 30.


Test laboratory of coating substances and road signs

Head of Test Laboratory

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