Transport Research Institute


Inland waterway transport

Development of inland waterway transport

  • feasibility studies for reconstruction/upgrading of water ways,
  • technical analyses of waterway parameters,
  • strategies on the financing of maintenance and reconstruction of waterways and ports,
  • analysis of the return rate of investment in the reconstruction and upgrading of existing public ports,
  • expert assessment of proposals for the construction of new port and transhipment capacities for freight and passenger waterway transport,
  • feasibility studies for new ports on water ways in Slovakia,
  • elaboration of training concepts for crews on the Danube river in accordance with the uniform standards applicable to the Danube and Rhine waterways,
  • elaboration of the proposal for the creation of conditions for the entry of significant goods operators,
  • implementation of telematic and river informarion systems,
  • analysis of the possibilities of introducing innovative technology into ship / port operation management,
  • summary and transfer of knowledge of transnational organizations active in waterway transport in the Danube countries,
  • analysis of solutions and equipment of waterways and ports for inland commercial and recreational navigation.

Safety and ecology

  • expert opinions on waste management focused on vessels operating on the Danube river,
  • analysis of the use of alternative fuels in navigation,
  • monitoring and assessment of negative impacts of inland navigation on the environment,
  • proposal of options for the protection of transported goods during navigation.





Air transport

Development and growth of air transport performance

  • development of strategies for sustainable performance growth in the air passenger and freight transport,
  • studies on the improvement of airport infrastructure for air carriers, enabling the transit and transfer of passengers and goods,
  • technical and economic analyses of airport infrastructure capacity expansion,
  • financial and economic models of small international airports.

Navigation systems

  • support for the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in civil aviation,
  • studies and analyses of the use of GNSS in civil aviation for VFR and IFR flights. 

Analyses of environmental impacts

  • analysis of environmental impacts of air transport,
  • assessment of fuel consumption and emissions reduction potential,
  • analysis of the possibilities of reducing the negative impacts of externalities in the vicinity of airports.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

  • analysis of the possibilities of utilization in the areas of traffic engineering and transport planning, solutions of technical condition of the transport infrastructure, road safety management and management of crisis situations in transport at the time of extraordinary events through a specialized drone unit,
  • evaluation of the potential of unmanned aircraft use in the area of decision-making support in transport, including its real-time management and support for the development of decision algorithms usable in traffic information systems.







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Division of Research and Development

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